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Wolverine inspi sketch. Not from the sketch I posted a couple days ago but yeah shhh it’s okay. 

Tis an easy make/attainable outfit : ). 

  • Make or get a yellow top. Add on blue sleeves and black stripes along the side. 
  • Red elastic belt or a red waist cincher. X-Men belt buckle is optional but would be really neat : ). 
  • Any very blue skirt. Can opt out for shorts or pants. 
  • Yellow tights!
  • Blue shoes. 
  • Accesorize! I think a black bow or bandana type bow would be cute. Bracelets. And those claw rings haha.
On a side note, I will be on a short hiatus starting today! 
Some anons asked me if I will be posting more lingerie designs on my tumblr. The answer is yes I will! But you can’t see it… yet >:). I design for Socially Stealth now. Please support us so we can get rights to your favorite comic book characters so I can show you guys the designs and so you guys can also buy them ^O^.
Never the less, things have been going great so far and I really need to pump out more lingerie designs. 
I also really need to work on artwork for Otakon Artist Alley this year haha.
And I’m moving into a house. These next couple months will be very busy for me oh man. Hopefully I won’t be gone for too long because I still love drawing the fashion sketches. Anyway I’ll still be around lurkin, heartin, and rebloggin. If you wanna see my silly sketches and other stuff follow my personal blog.   
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    This amazing balls outfit may need to be in my future!!!!
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    I loooove this and sooo cannot wait to do this. I’m actually thinking of adding the Comic book heels with this outfit...
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    Tres snikt chic. Hnnng want to cosplay this badly now
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