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Things that irritate the fuck out of me.

When people talk about the First Doctor and say he’s “not really Doctorish” or only “somewhat Doctorish.” UM EXCUSE YOU BACK THE FUCK UP. He’s an asshole, yes. He’s old and grumpy, yes. He doesn’t like humans very much, yes. But you know what? He’s still the Doctor. Not just that, but he’s the original. No, you don’t have to like him, but to say he’s Not Really the Doctor because he doesn’t behave like Nine, Ten, or Eleven? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK OFF. First off, every Doctor is different. You only need to have seen New Who to have figured that much out. Secondly, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, EVER HEARD OF IT MOTHERFUCKA? Seriously, sit down and watch the First Doctor’s run from beginning to end, and you’ll see exactly how the Doctor transformed from that bitter old man who thought the rest of the universe was beneath him into that fun loving, human loving mad man with a box that he remains for the rest of the series. No, really, you can see it happen quite clearly even before he regenerates. By the time One regenerates, he’s already grown to love humans and becomes more laid back and fun, which leads into his characterization as Two and influences his attitudes towards humans for the rest of his life.

Seriously. You don’t have to like One, you’re perfectly entitled not to, just like you’re entitled not to like any of the other Doctors. But stop acting like just because he’s not the kind of Doctor you’re familiar with or the kind of Doctor you like, that he’s not the Doctor at all.


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    #I still hold that Barbara and Ian had more influence on who the Doctor became and what he did and the love he gained...
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    One word: VICKY.
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    People are idiots How could you not like One???
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